SeaWorld’s Quest to Save The Animals

For a long time, most animals have been threatened by extinction as the rate at which they die is high compared to getting new offspring. Their death may be due to natural causes or death caused by humans and other prey. SeaWorld is an organization that serves as a rehabilitation center for such endangered animals. It has operations in the USA with headquarters in Florida. It is also an amusement park with many sorts of entertainment. The public is allowed into the facility by paying a small fee directed towards the upkeep of the animals in the zoo. View Seaworld Orlando undercover tourist post

SeaWorld has been operational since 1964. Seaworld also has activities in the Middle East, such as Abu Dhabi. The operations get led by Dr. Chris Dold, who also is a veterinarian in the same facility. Dr. Dold has managed to habilitate over 80,000 animals, all from over 350 different species, which has seen him several awards.

SeaWorld has taken up several measures in helping to conserve animals. One, it has educated the public on the importance of protecting animal life. They have also worked together with other scientists and research institutions to research the animals. They then file their findings in journals, books, or video clips which they make accessible for other scientists to use.

SeaWorld has taken funded projects that get aimed at protecting animal life. For instance, the organization contributed $10 million to a research project on killer whales facing extinction. They also provided technical support by giving food supply and improving the habitats for the killer whales.

Another project by SeaWorld is protecting the coral reef, which serves as a home, food, and breeding ground for the sea animals. A coral reef is disturbed and destroyed during fishing activities, posing a significant threat for the fish to not having enough food. Also, they save the threatened fish population by practicing aquaculture, which reduces instances where people go to the sea to get fish. Find out more: